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HS Planetary gear

Newly designed planetary gear for our 18 cylinder double radial engine

The assembly starts

The first try with our ring gear lasted only about 20 seconds. During the first acceleration the crankshaft tooth milled out the teeth of the ring gear. The engine torque is simply too high for that gear design. Even though the calculations were designed for trice the engine torque. Practice makes perfect. Again it proves true that sometimes there is a difference between theory and practice. This project was laid on ice for the moment.

Seidel Props & Engineering GmbH has worked with gear construction for radial engines for several years. Based on this experience we asked them to support for our project restart. After technical discussions Mario Seidel designed a new reduction gear.

Target was a 2 : 1 gear reduction with a prop revolution of about 2500 rpm as consequence. Because of the gear reduction the rotation direction changes from right to left, like the original. Based on technical drawings we started the production. All parts are now ready for assembling:

A thread ring will be mounted with a ball bearing on the planetary gear carrier.

Bolt press in operation with the planetary gears.

Gear rim and front support bearing are mounted.

The clambing washer positions the entire gear. We use O-rings for sealing.

Fully mounted planetary gear

For mounting it onto our 18 cylinder radial engine, some adapted drills are required. We are looking forward to the first test run. The prop is in preparation. Many thanks again to Mario Seidel for his excellent support.

We will be glad to inform you about the next steps.